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The Shoes You Want with the Support You Need

Once you have experienced the support and comfort that comes with a pair of custom-made Spinal Pelvic Stabilizers, you can further investigate Shoethotics®. Available exclusively from Foot Levelers, Shoethotics take a stylish shoe and add a flexible, custom-made Stabilizer. Whether your patients need a shoe for a hard day at work, a hard day on the athletic field, or an easy day relaxing at home, Foot Levelers has a Shoethotic that will meet their needs — for style and support.

We’ve also made exciting changes to our Shoethotics! Now all of our Shoethotics come with removable, custom-made Spinal Pelvic Stabilizers that feature:

bulletComfortable TechCel™ tops
bulletZorbacel® to absorb heel-strike shock
bulletPropacel™ to provide a propulsive, fatigue-reducing boost at toe off

A New Partnership: Foot Levelers and Florsheim Shoes!

Foot Levelers has partnered with Florsheim® to bring you seven new men’s shoes for the ultimate in comfort, support, and style. You will be able to order the shoes with Stabilizers or order the shoes separately. We will continue to offer our Foot Levelers branded line of Shoethotics.
Price List


classic good looks

bulletRubber bottom for unmatched comfort
bulletFour eyelet leather oxford
bulletLeather quarter linings keep feet cool and dry


sophisticated moc-toe

bulletRubber bottom provides flexibility and durability
bulletFour eyelet leather oxford
bulletBreathable leather quarter linings wick away moisture


traditional cap-toe

bulletRubber bottom absorbs the impact of each step
bulletFour eyelet leather oxford
bulletLeather quarter linings for breathability


modern monk-strap

bulletRubber bottom absorbs shock
bulletLeather quarter linings absorb moisture


sleek and stylish slip-on

bulletMake the impression you want in the comfort of a relaxed, precision fit
bulletFlexible rubber bottom
bulletLeather quarter linings conform to the foot


lightweight lace-up walking shoe

bulletRubber bottom provides shock absorption
bulletLeather linings and sock lining for comfort and support


relaxed-weight velcro walker

bulletStylish, hook-and-loop fastener
bulletFlexible rubber bottom
bulletUnparalleled comfort from leather linings and sock lining


A New Partnership: Foot Levelers Teams Up With Brooks® Shoes!

Foot Levelers has teamed up with Brooks®, a recognized brand in high-quality athletic shoes, to create a new partnership. Your patients get a stylish shoe with the proven support of custom-made Spinal Pelvic Stabilizers.

We created a line of both men's and women's athletic shoes that appeals to the avid runner, the novice walker, and everyone in between.

Addiction™ 7

a running shoe with a smooth ride

bulletDesigned to help conrol pronation
bulletCushions the steps of runners with low to flat arches
bulletMesh top with a leather overlay

Adrenaline™ GTS 6

a versatile, everyday running shoe

bulletDeveloped for mild to moderate over-pronators
bulletExtremely flexible and lightweight for extra versatility
bulletMesh top lets moisture out to maintain cool, dry feet

Addition™ Walker

comfortable, strong support

bulletVersatile walking shoe
bulletFull leather top to cushion and suport the feet
bulletProvides balance and motion control as you step

Addition™ Walker V-Strap

supportive velcro® walking shoe

bulletEasy to fasten hook-and-loop Velcro® fastner
bulletStrong support provides motion control
bulletDurable leather top for breathability



Other Shoethotics from Foot Levelers


rugged and versatile hiking shoe

bulletLightweight rubber soles for safety and durability
bulletBreathable mesh for ventilation
bulletEVA midsole provides a light but durable shock-absorbing platform


classic for the woman on the go

bulletShoe can be washed!
bulletThe ideal shoe for female CAs


stay active and supported

bulletDurable leather
bulletComfort and durability from the padded tongue and collar lining
bulletEVA midsole provides a light but durable shock-absorbing platform


better athletic performance with stabilizer support

bulletAdded comfort from the padded tongue and collar lining
bulletEVA midsole provides a light but durable shock-absorbing platform

Milano™ for Women

style and comfort— together at last!

bulletMade of velvety-soft Italian leather
bulletRoomy toe box for all-day comfort


refined support

bulletMade from sleek Italian leather
bulletSpecially designed without metal to get busy travelers through long lines at airport security faster
bulletA durable, strong shank for long-lasting wear


a go-anywhere, timeless design

bulletVersatile design can be worn with casual or semi-casual dress
bulletSolid heel counter and strong shank for stability and support

Price List

Shoe Spinal Pelvic Stabilizers price list

    March 14, 2009
Item Number   Item Description   Patient Cost    
123     Malibu™ Chestnut Suede   $402.50    
1504     Capetown™ Chestnut Suede   $402.50    
1508     Capetown™ Sand Suede   $402.50    
1520     UltraTrek® Granite   $402.50    
1521     UltraTrek® Baja   $402.50    
1522     UltraTrek® Santa Fe   $402.50    
1523     UltraTrek® Cheyenne   $402.50    
1556     Rio™ Mocha Suede   $402.50    
1557     Rio™ Onyx   $402.50    
1575     Outback™ Slate   $402.50    
1576     Outback™ Black   $402.50    
1577     Outback™ Brown   $402.50    
1576     Outback™ Black   $402.50    
1577     Outback™ Brown   $402.50    
160     Malibu™ Sand Suede   $402.50    
163     Jamaica™ Sand Suede   $402.50    
BIM0010     Bite Men's Crimson Mako Sandalthotic $402.50    
BIM0010S     Bite Men's Crimson Mako Sandal   $142.50    
BIM0030     Bite Men's Black/Grey Mako Sandalthotic $402.50    
BIM0030S     Bite Men's Black/Grey Mako Sandal $142.50    
BIM0040     Bite Men's Navy/Grey Mako Sandalthotic $402.50    
BIM0040S     Bite Men's Navy/Grey Mako Sandal $142.50    
BIW0010     Bite Women's Red Spirit Sandalthotic $402.50    
BIW0010S     Bite Women's Red Spirit Sandal   $142.50    
BIW0020     Bite Women's LimeSpirit Sandalthotic $402.50    
BIW0020S     Bite Women's Lime Spirit Sandal   $142.50    
BIW0030     Bite Women's Black Mako Sandalthotic $402.50    
BIW0030S     Bite Women's Black Mako Sandal   $142.50    
BIW0040     Bite Women's Blue/White Mako Sandalthotic $402.50    
BIW0040S     Bite Women's Blue/White  Mako Sandal $142.50    


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