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Custom Sandalthotics

Stylish Sandals for Your Patients’ Unique Postural Needs

Once your patients have experienced the benefits of custom-made Spinal Pelvic Stabilizers, many will want postural support in more casual, open types of footwear. Since Stabilizers are not designed to be inserted into standard sandals, Foot Levelers created Sandalthotics® — fashionable sandals with custom-made Stabilizers built into the foot beds. Your patients can choose from seven attractive styles, so they can find their perfect Sandalthotic — whatever their lifestyles or activity levels require. Please note Sandalthotics are not available for children under 12.


the sporty sandal for active men & women

Our newest Sandalthotic®, the Outback™, gives your patients a lighter, sportier sandal option. Its slate color conceals stains and goes great with casual clothes. This water-resistant sandal contains Spinal Pelvic Stabilizers designed to meet your patients’ unique postural needs. The Stabilizers are built right into the sandal, so there’s no need to choose a type of Stabilizer. The Outback is perfect for keeping your active male and female patients properly supported during hiking, boating, playing sports— all their summer activities.

bullet Full-length Zorbacel® for shock absorption
bulletUpper made of genuine nubuck and a quick dry nylon lining
bulletSuede top for extra comfort and abrasion resistance
bulletHook-and-loop closures for secure fit
bulletLightweight hiking rubber outsole designed for improved traction
bulletEVA mid-sole for lightweight shock protection and support
bulletNylon webbing side panels for extra comfort


ideal for outdoor activities

bulletChoose from four strap designs
bulletWater-resistant structure helps repel water
bulletImproved traction from the rugged tread design


a comfortable summer sandal

bulletExtra comfortable top layer of soft leather to pamper your patients’ feet
bulletBuckled forefoot straps and an adjustable heel strap for a perfect fit




fun in the sun!

bulletThree adjustable forefoot straps for a snug fit
bulletMid-layer of natural cork and top-layer of soft leather for relaxing comfort


for the office or the beach

bulletTwo adjustable forefoot straps for a snug fit
bulletMid-layer of natural cork for a comfortable fit



a leather sandal with a sense of adventure

bulletWater-resistant nubuck leather uppers
bulletDeep heel counter provides increased support
bulletImproved traction with the rugged tread design


specially designed for women

bulletNatural cork and leather upper materials for style and comfort
bulletSlenderizing forefoot straps to make feet look graceful and sleek


Sandals Spinal Pelvic Stabilizers price list

    March 14, 2009
Item Number   Item Description   Patient Cost    
123     Malibu™ Chestnut Suede   $402.50    
1504     Capetown™ Chestnut Suede   $402.50    
1508     Capetown™ Sand Suede   $402.50    
1520     UltraTrek® Granite   $402.50    
1521     UltraTrek® Baja   $402.50    
1522     UltraTrek® Santa Fe   $402.50    
1523     UltraTrek® Cheyenne   $402.50    
1556     Rio™ Mocha Suede   $402.50    
1557     Rio™ Onyx   $402.50    
1575     Outback™ Slate   $402.50    
1576     Outback™ Black   $402.50    
1577     Outback™ Brown   $402.50    
1576     Outback™ Black   $402.50    
1577     Outback™ Brown   $402.50    
160     Malibu™ Sand Suede   $402.50    
163     Jamaica™ Sand Suede   $402.50    
BIM0010     Bite Men's Crimson Mako Sandalthotic $402.50    
BIM0010S     Bite Men's Crimson Mako Sandal   $142.50    
BIM0030     Bite Men's Black/Grey Mako Sandalthotic $402.50    
BIM0030S     Bite Men's Black/Grey Mako Sandal $142.50    
BIM0040     Bite Men's Navy/Grey Mako Sandalthotic $402.50    
BIM0040S     Bite Men's Navy/Grey Mako Sandal $142.50    
BIW0010     Bite Women's Red Spirit Sandalthotic $402.50    
BIW0010S     Bite Women's Red Spirit Sandal   $142.50    
BIW0020     Bite Women's LimeSpirit Sandalthotic $402.50    
BIW0020S     Bite Women's Lime Spirit Sandal   $142.50    
BIW0030     Bite Women's Black Mako Sandalthotic $402.50    
BIW0030S     Bite Women's Black Mako Sandal   $142.50    
BIW0040     Bite Women's Blue/White Mako Sandalthotic $402.50    
BIW0040S     Bite Women's Blue/White  Mako Sandal $142.50    


Feel Better . . . Live Better