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Beginning Sept 27, 2009, and continuing for a bit over 2 years, I will not be available for emergencies during the day on Saturday and Sunday for approx 1 weekend per month.  I will be at Palmer College of Chiropractic pursuing my Diplomate in Chiropractic Orthopedics.  I will post the dates as they come available.

If you need care during these times, you can either leave a message, in which I will call you back after classes, contact another chiropractor, or present to the emergency room.

I have waited to start and complete this program since I graduated over 11 years ago.  It is arguably the hardest of all the diplomate programs in our profession, but I feel that it is important enough to invest well over $8,000 and 336+ hours of my time to pursue and complete.

Thank you for your understanding.

Dr. Dan 



Feel Better . . . Live Better