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Award of Additional Compensation

(k) In case where there has been any unreasonable or vexatious delay of payment or intentional underpayment of compensation, or proceedings have been instituted or carried on by the one liable to pay the compensation, which do not present a real controversy, but are merely frivolous or for delay, then the Commission may award compensation additional to that otherwise payable under this Act equal to 50% of the amount payable at the time of such award. Failure to pay compensation in accordance with the provisions of Section 8, paragraph (b) of this Act, shall be considered unreasonable delay.

(l) In case the employer or his insurance carrier shall without good and just cause fail, neglect, refuse or unreasonably delay the payment of weekly compensation benefits due to an injured employee during the period of temporary total disability the arbitrator or the Commission shall allow to the employee additional compensation in the sum of $10 per day for each day that a weekly compensation payment has been so withheld or refused, provided that such additional compensation shall not exceed the sum of $2,500. A delay in payment of 14 days or more shall create a rebuttal presumption of unreasonable delay.

(m) If the commission finds that an accidental injury was directly and proximately caused by the employer's wilful violation of a health and safety standard under the Health and Safety Act in force at the time of the accident, the arbitrator or the Commission shall allow to the injured employee or his dependents, as the case may be, additional compensation equal to 25% of the amount which otherwise would be payable under the provisions of this Act exclusive of this paragraph. The additional compensation herein provided shall be allowed by an appropriate increase in the applicable weekly compensation rate.


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