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Non-Fatal Injuries

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Compensation for Non-Fatal Injuries

Employer’s Responsibility for Medical Expenses, Vocational Rehabilitation

Section 8. The amount of compensation which shall be paid to the employee for an accidental injury not resulting in death is:

(a) The employer shall provide and pay for all the necessary first aid, medical and surgical services, and all necessary medical, surgical and hospital services thereafter incurred, limited, however, to that which is reasonably required to cure or relieve from the effects of the accidental injury. The employer shall also pay for treatment, instruction and training necessary for the physical, mental and vocational rehabilitation of the employee, including all maintenance costs and expenses incidental thereto. If as a result of the injury the employee is unable to be self-sufficient the employer shall further pay for such maintenance or institutional care as shall be required.

The employee may at any time elect to secure his own physician, surgeon and hospital services at the employer's expense, or,

Upon agreement between the employer and the employees, or the employees' exclusive representative, and subject to the approval of the Industrial Commission, the employer shall maintain a list of physicians, to be known as a Panel of Physicians, who are accessible to the employees. The employer shall post this list in a place or places easily accessible to his employees. The employee shall have the right to make an alternative choice of physician from such Panel if he is not satisfied with the physician first selected. If, due to the nature of the injury or its occurrence away from the employer's place of business, the employee is unable to make a selection from the Panel, the selection process from the Panel shall not apply. The physician selected from the Panel may arrange for any consultation, referral or other specialized medical services outside the Panel at the employer's expense. Provided that, in the event the Commission shall find that a doctor selected by the employee is rendering improper or inadequate care, the Commission may order the employee to select another doctor certified or qualified in the medical field for which treatment is required. If the employee refuses to make such change the Commission may relieve the employer of his obligation to pay the doctor's charges from the date of refusal to the date of compliance.


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