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When to Start Treatment

Treatment should be initiated early after injury, ideally within hours. Patients with neck injury who have delays in treatment have lower levels of improvement. A recent hospital study was conducted on 158 patients with cervical syndrome treated by manipulative therapy; the study concluded that if the pain was present for 6 months prior to initiation of treatment the patientsí recovery rate was significantly less than it was for those having pain for less than 6 months.

One of the main advantages you benefit from in early management is in our being able to educate you on the injury repair process, risk factors, and on home care. With the proper instruction, you can take an active and beneficial role in your own care, including application of home therapies such as ice packs, performing specific rehabilitative exercises, and modifying your activities of daily living. Once 4 to 6 weeks have passed, a significant portion of the reparative process has been completed.  This results in a disadvantage for the doctor and for you.


Feel Better . . . Live Better