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Muscle Testing Objectively Quantify Strength Loss and Progress

Research proves that dynamometer muscle testing is more accurate, objective and reliable than traditional methods of evaluating strength loss due to musculoskeletal and neurological injury or disease. JTECH muscle testing systems are the most efficient way to objectively quantify and document muscle strength for differential diagnosis, progress tracking and impairment rating.

JTECH offers systems with hand-held dynamometers and platform-based load cells to meet your clinical requirements. Our hand-held system features our compact dynamometer with axis compensation circuitry for greater accuracy. With our patented Multi-Vector Alignment system, the IsoTrack isometric testing station is the ultimate system for objective strength evaluation. With today's demand for establishing medical necessity with respect to all healthcare providers, it is important to know that your doctor knows how to accurately measure, assess and document the objective findings. Its for this reason Dr. Lommell uses the best technology available to not only establish medical necessity but also to show and educate patients with regards to his findings. Dr. Lommell uses a systematic method to demonstrate and show patients progression over time. This method of assessment improves patient adherence to the treatment plan and therefore improves patient outcome. Range of Motion Fast, Accurate, Objective Evaluation and Documentation

JTECH ROM systems help your practice become more successful by making evaluations more efficient and simplifying the documentation process. Our systems provide the accurate, objective results necessary to justify the need for care, establish goals for care, track progress during care and rate impairment.

Our JTECH features inclinometry and goniometry instrumentation for ROM evaluation. Inclinometry is preferred by the American Medical Association for evaluating compound spine motion and efficiently evaluates large extremity joint motion. Goniometry provides the precision required for finger joint motions and a more traditional instrument for large extremity evaluations. Pain Evaluation Adding Objectivity to Pain Evaluation Pressure algometry is well documented in scientific literature as an efficient, objective physical component for evaluating point tenderness, pain syndromes and patient pain perceptions. JTECH algometry systems enable you to objectively quantify pressure pain thresholds and tolerances for establishing a diagnosis, evaluating efficacy of pain-relieving modalities and medications, tracking progress, and evaluating pain perception for conditions such as trigger points (myofascial pain disorder) and/or fibromyalgia.

Our JTECH system provides provide a higher level of clinical documentation for cases involving personal injury/whiplash, fibromyalgia, trigger points, arthritis, and functional capacity evaluations. JTECH algometry systems work with published protocols and our algometer was proven reliable in an independent study published in the Journal of Hand Therapy. Impairment and Personal Injury Systems A Higher Degree of Documentation

Medicolegal cases require a high level of detail and objective evidence to support your medical opinions in the face of challenges. JTECH Medical's Impairment and Personal Injury systems help us perform and document evaluations more efficiently and produce reports faster. These systems are effective for all phases of a medicolegal case from initial evaluation and diagnosis to tracking treatment response to documenting residual functional deficits to rating medical/chiropractic impairment for faster case closure and potential settlements.

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